Closing Night


The dedicated PACT team. L-R: Katy Green Loughrey (Artistic Program Manager), Katrina Douglas (CEO/Artistic Director), Danielle Taylor (General Manager)

I finished my internship at PACT on Wednesday 29 July.  My last day was spent preparing a feedback survey to distribute to all the artists involved in the 2015 PACT Collective.  I used an online survey creation/distribution program called Typeform that I hadn’t used before.  It produces a funkier looking survey than Survey Monkey (which I usually use) and is a tool I’d be keen to use again.  I also finished off some final promotion for the BBM/PACT Travelling Scholarship, identifying some additional key arts organisations in NSW and some that were in other states but had a national reach.  I wanted to particularly focus on contacting people in regional and rural areas who would be willing to promote the scholarship, as it would be great if these kinds of opportunities made it out of the Sydney area.  I discovered that Arts NSW facilitates a number of Regional Development Officers in key identifed regions throughout NSW, so sent the scholarship information to each one.

I spent some time with my supervisor getting feedback about my performance throughout the internship and asked her a number of questions about her own journey as a creative artist post university, to the point where she now is and what her plans are for the future.  It was extremely helpful to have that discussion, and I came away with a few ideas about the direction I think I would like to head over the next few years.

Overall, my experience at PACT was very positive and gave me some valuable insights into working in the small to medium performing arts sector.  It’s challenging because of limited available resources, but the work is rewarding, particularly in an organisation like PACT where the focus is on providing opportunities and support for early career artists.

Thanks to everyone involved in supporting me through my internship!