Koonawarra Connection

The Adelphi Experiment
February – June 2018
Louisa Raft –  Lead Artist and Creative Producer
Angela Forrest – Visual Artist
Neisha Murphy – Performing Artist
Lindsay Martin – Photography, Video, Music Composition and Sound Design/Engineering

“Koonawarra Connection” is a community cultural development project facilitated by The Adelphi Experiment and Big Fat Smile through funding provided by the Wollongong City Council Ward-Based Arts Grants program.

Our project explored the broad theme of “Connection” within the Koonawarra community. Our community partner, Big Fat Smile, assisted us to work with children in their after school care program (Koonawarra Fun Club) and their caregivers or other significant adults. Together with the Project Artists, Angela Forrest and Neisha Murphy, participants were involved in creative engagement activities according to their interests, which helped us to find out together and express what connection means to the members of the community and how we can strengthen connection. Participants in the project contributed in either visual arts or performance art activities and presented their works at an event to which their parents/caregivers and other community members were invited at the end of the project.

By exploring the theme “Connection” within one location we captured at a moment in time the voices, stories and experiences of the residents of Koonawarra and neighbouring suburbs and hopefully, through this process, strengthened their sense of local identity, forging new connections with a greater understanding of each other, as they see and hear each other and their community reflected in the resulting range of artworks produced.

The community cultural development process was documented by Lindsay Martin through photographs and video of the children participating in the workshops and their visual artworks as well as interviews with some of the participants.  Lindsay also composed and recorded an original piece of music, “Travelling”, which features in the short film about the project.

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