The Three Paths

The Adelphi Experiment
Wollongong Anywhere Theatre Festival
24-27 August 2017
Role:  Amphitrite, Co-Deviser, Creative Producer

A crossroads. An intersection of the past, present and future. Three dominions: earth, sea and sky. Your present self: a combination of where you’ve come from and who you hope to be. The Three Paths is an original performance work by The Adelphi Experiment, inspired by Hecate, the ancient Greek goddess of the three paths, and drawing on the performers’ Greek and Celtic heritage. The Three Paths weaves together sound and original music compositions with spoken word and movement in an exploration of fate versus free will and our struggle with making the “right” choice. Take a path, make a choice – perhaps you’ll change the course of our show …

This performance features Georgia Broderick, Louisa Raft and Natalie-Rea Wilson, with sound design by Lindsay Martin.

Recommended for ages 12+
Performance duration 45-60 mins, no interval
Audience members may be required to stand and/or move through the performance space at times during the show.
The performance will take place in a room in the basement of Wollongong Town Hall. Ticket holders should meet at the Creative Container in the Arts Precinct, 32 Burelli Street Wollongong.

Images:  Alicia Granci

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“These are the facts of my life.  My name is Amphitrite. I am Poseidon’s wife. I am Triton’s mother.  There quite possibly could be alternate facts, but they are lost to me now.  And in the end, to whom does it matter except to me?
I sometimes think about leaving it all behind. Disappearing into myself.  But I get stuck at the shore break, where the waves keep pummeling me. I know that if I had the courage to keep going out further, I’d get past the relentless crashing chaos.  I know the waves persist and when Poseidon conjures a storm, nowhere on the surface is safe to be.  But that is the beauty of the sea … when my feet no longer touch the bottom and I drift down, down. That’s where I find my centre … suspended.  A sea of endless possibilities.  If only I can stay afloat and be OK with the not knowing and overcome my fear of what lies beyond, what lies beneath.”