Student-Initiated production, University of Wollongong
12-14 March 2014
Role:  Co-Devisor, Performer

I’m too large for you… my body, my ego, my thoughts, my desires…

Devised in collaboration with the performers: Cheryn Frost, Emma Hughes, Georgia Broderick and Louisa Raft.  Directed by Catherine McNamara.

Confidante explores the uncensored female body and mind – both at peace and in chaos.  A Mother finds a fraction of a moment to sit still.  A Singer makes her apocalyptic emergency plan.  A Dancer grows lotus flowers from her toes.  An Actor contemplates her lifelong love affair with cheeseburgers.

Four stripped-bare women perform a devised work that swings rapidly from ritualised dance to personal phobia… from sombre reflection to impersonations of Beyonce. They let their jiggly parts run free and expose their hilarity, their sorrow, their power, their vulnerability.

Images:  David Kaldor

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