Fifty-Five See

Viva La Gong 14 November 2015
PACT Unwrapped 12 December 2015
Nocturnal Arts 24 February – 5 March 2016
Role:  Co-Devisor, Co-Producer, Performer

A performance installation combining movement sequences and verbatim text collected after spending a cumulative 11 hours on Wollongong’s 55C Free Shuttle bus, observing passengers and eavesdropping on discussions.  Fifty-Five See is a reflection on everyday interactions and the language of public transport.

Devised and performed by Louisa Raft, Bonnie Cowan, Kate Pimblett, Carlee Heise and Romy Bradmore.  Produced by Louisa Raft and Bonnie Cowan. Sound design Lindsay Martin.

Originally commissioned for Wollongong City Council’s Nocturnal Designs festival, the piece was adapted for Wollongong’s Viva La Gong festival and PACT’s Christmas fundraiser, PACT Unwrapped, and was presented in full at the extended Nocturnal Arts festival in Wollongong, February/March 2016.

Images:  Adele Masters

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