The Adelphi Experiment

What happens when women occupy space, speak and do something?

The Adelphi Experiment is an all-female contemporary performance collective celebrating sisterhood throughout all ages and stages of life. Exploring the rich cultural heritage of our diverse communities, we use performance to amplify the voices and stories of women’s and girls’ lives.

Featuring Georgia Broderick, Cheryn Frost, Catherine McNamara, Louisa Raft and Natalie-Rea Wilson.

The Adelphi Experiment artists met as undergraduate theatre/performance students in 2012 at the University of Wollongong and trained professionally in acting, movement, voice, singing and dramaturgy with teachers such as Chris Ryan, Tim Maddock, Catherine McKinnon, Deborah Pollard, Matt Prest, Linda Luke, Janys Hayes, Margaret Hamilton and Mara Davis.

As emerging artists, we are committed to developing independent contemporary performance in Wollongong and are actively developing links with other artists in the region to help support and promote locally developed and produced creative work, particularly women’s creative work. We hope to be able to create opportunities for Wollongong theatre and performance graduates to stay in the region, work professionally, contribute to Wollongong’s creative culture and tell Wollongong’s stories in new cross-disciplinary forms which challenge and develop us as artists and expand the community’s experience of theatre and performance.


Creative Dialogues: Women in Theatre and Performance
November 2016

Koonawarra Connection
A community cultural development project working with people in Koonawarra, funded by a Wollongong City Council Ward-Based Arts Grant.
May 2017 – April 2018

The Three Paths
World premiere at the Wollongong Anywhere Theatre Festival
24-27 August 2017