Social (Media) Skills

My current career goal … earn some part of my living from doing something other than sitting in front of a computer!

The PACT Collective started their creative development yesterday, so it was great to get away from the computer and observe some of their creative process today.  The morning was spent in movement training with Diane Busuttil, the afternoon with playwright Lachlan Philpott doing some writing tasks and generating ideas for the Collective’s production, Listen! I’m telling you stories.

The computer is unavoidable, and the majority of the day was spent creating listings on various websites for a couple of PACT’s upcoming events, including the PACT Collective performance.  I spend too much time on Facebook, but thankfully those skills are in high demand in a marketing position!  And thanks to having to create this blog for my assessments for this Internship subject, I had the skills to update PACT’s website with the PACT Collective artists’ profiles and create blog posts for another project, Rapid Response Team.

Despite being able to tackle those tasks, I feel somewhat incompetent, and I’m not used to feeling like that when it comes to my working life!  I think it’s just being in a new environment and being mindful of things like branding and protocols for posting on social media, plus feeling like it’s taking me a long time to complete tasks.  Having been in a number of management positions, I’m usually the one with the delegated authority to speak on behalf of an organisation, but as an intern I’m very conscious of not over-stepping any boundaries.  And I don’t have a benchmark of how much work I should be getting through in a day.  Everyone in the office is extremely busy, and I certainly was today too … I’m just not sure if I achieved enough!  I think I need more feedback, and I’m quite happy to be told to lift my game.

Here’s some pictures of the PACT Collective artists at their work today.

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